10 Reasons Why Compact Digital Camera is Better Choice For Photo Portrait Painting

With the use of photographs, portrait artists is able to paint accurate and realist paintings. As a means for providing static references can be priceless. Especially, in situation where portrait is taken as a candid shots in a party or at the peak of the snowy mountain. These occurrence can never be repeated as exactly as it was, or will you takes another tiring effort to climb the same mountain again?

Below you will be reading 10 reasons on why compact digital camera is worth buying, typically for an amateur who learn oil painting from photos, and not for techies or geeks.

  1. Design to have point-and-shoot capabilities with automatic setting, for specific subjects such as portrait and landscape. I always named it as “post-and-shoot and ever-ready cameras”
  2. Have basic features for digital zooming, focusing and macro shots. Most of the newer compact camera has 3x to 5x ranges of zooming. Suitable for portrait and closeup.
  3. Small, lightweight, compact and sleek. Best for smaller bags or even in pockets. It is as good as pack-and-go item. Some of the girls are carrying it everyday, taking it out from their handbag as and when there wanted to have a snapshot of people.
  4. With advancing technology, these gadgets are becoming more affordable with an easy-to-use operating interface. Remember that your purpose is to take reference photograph for portrait paintings.
  5. Technically speaking, compact cameras are less sophisticated and easy to learn. Otherwise, painters will have to start flipping those thick operating manuals on How-to topics. Spend more time on learning how to achieve better painting skill is more worth doing it.
  6. Unlike the bulkier and heavier digital SLR cameras, this is much lighter. Hassle-free and doesn’t require special storage, such as the dry cabinet. In addition, you don’t need to carry loads of detachable lens and filters in your sack. I personally experienced that when I was in Tasmania, doing a 10-hours bush trekking; it was more of a burden than a pride that I wanted.
  7. You don’t have to invest on an external flashlight. Compact camera have integrated with flashlight. In fact, I personally encourage user to do shooting without flash lighting. It does make your portrait photograph having hard edges, due to harshness of bright flashlight. Please read “How to have portrait photography without lighting studio
  8. Higher end compact camera give better quality photographs. CCD sensors of 8-10 megapixels; perfect to print up to A1 paper size. Do you still consider camera phone with 3-5 megapixels? Just for your info in today’s technology market, an iPhone has 3 megapixels and Nexus One only has 5 megapixels.
  9. Much faster processing time than your camera phone, that is why compact camera are capable for taking burst-rate. Imagine how many portrait shots can u take, if the subject happen to be a hyper-active child?
  10. Make you stay focus on using the compact camera. At times, function of phone camera will be disabled when there are interrupted by incoming calls. I’m trying to say, “Don’t miss your best shots!”.