Hyperrealism Paintings of An Eye

It’s all started off with a joint effort of hyperrealism artwork painted by Oda and Kit King.

The first-ever paintings that has set their new direction to paint together.

The artwork has literally referenced to a captured photograph of Kit’s eyeball when she woke up one morning realizing its redness.

An artwork collaborative with Kit’s husband, Oda King.

To encapsulate the supreme clarity of the eyeball from cornea to iris and through pupil to lens of inner eye, Kit initiated the idea to visualize it with a realistic paintings.

Together, there painted.

I dream of painting and
then I paint my dream
– Vincent van Gogh

What has reflected in the eye?

The paintings has depicted an ultra detailing of dilated blood vessels on the sclera, snow covered yard, a barren tree standing with a snow covered pine.

Kit King, Oda King, Hyperrealism Paintings. An Eye

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Gustavo Silva Nuñez Lifelike Paintings of Swimmers

Gustavo Silva Nuñez is an artist based in Valencia, Venezuela. He has created an extraordinary artwork of portrait paintings. One of his art series includes swimmers in water.

His work depicts realistically by making use of light source and reflection of water. It look like having physical existence of human in the 3D effect.

The inclusive of body tattoos on the subject adds a double shot of his artistic prose in realism art.

Gustavo Silva Nuñez, photorealism
Gustavo Silva Nuñez, photorealism
Photorealism Paintings
Photorealism Paintings
Photorealism Paintings
Photorealism Paintings

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