Contemporary Realism, Ana Teresa Fernandez

Ana Teresa Fernandez from Tampico, Mexico, is a talented female artist whose artworks based on contemporary realism.

However, with a characteristic blends with symbolism, a 19th-century artistic movement rejecting Realism. Ana Teresa Fernandez

One her many series, entitled “Pressing Matters“, depicts about the acceptance of modern women wanting to push the boundary of strengths and sensuality in society.

The subjects of the paintings is an unidentified woman clad with horizontal neck slim-fitting short dress.

Instead of having a wild partying environment, the subject is portrayed in a domestic ‘clean’ home, but positioning in an inviting manner with her upper body lying on the ironing board, high heels on the parquet floor.

On one hand securing the board and the other holding the electrical iron press, suggesting she is supposedly doing house chores as an idealistic task of woman at home.

Both elements, the environment and subject, have distinctively differ in attributes with almost complete oppositeness.

Interestingly, the subject has illustrated a personalities trying to discreetly compromise the boundary of the decent environment that contradict her feminine attire of a flirtatious classy-looking lady with sensually killer heels.

Ana Teresa Fernandez wants to send a message to viewers that contemporary woman in today’s reality often disillusion by images of virgin and whore don’t co-exist together in our culture.

This fact is limiting the liberal sense of feminine women trying to mentally wrestle with opposing elements, thus, gaining acceptance from outsiders as being a realist.

Of which, outsiders often regards them as ‘dirty’ or inappropriate, in terms of physical, the emotional, and the psychological.

Referring to the the typical women as symbolic subject against the decent environment in reality.

Below sharing some paintings artwork from one of her series, entitled “Pressing Matters”

Ana Teresa Fernandez 1

Ana Teresa Fernandez 2

Ana Teresa Fernandez 3

Ana Teresa Fernandez 4

Ana Teresa Fernandez 5

More of her works can be found in
All Photos Courtesy of Ana Teresa Fernandez.

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