Drawing of Portrait’s Eyes from Photo

How good it is to own a small sketch book on hand. Always ready to draw or doodle some cartoons from an inspiring thought. I have seen friends and avid amateur artists having this best practices.

Be it on train, bus, parks, streets or any public places. People are everywhere to be the subject of their drawings. Ideally, choosing a portrait subject who is sitting or relaxing on a chair, is far better than an action-packed skateboarder dashing to and fro in their playground.

Of every best practices I listed in my previous post, I have given up to fulfill the first 2 practices. Well, I guess it is much of an individual preference. I’m sure portrait drawings for grid system still works for many readers who visited this blog.

Anyway, before I start to dodge from throwing of rotten eggs by anyone, I have to share my excuses for not following what I ‘preached’ last week.

  1. I always have 2 sketch books with me. Both having different sizes. Yet not much about drawings. Most of the pages are for my written notes and mind-mapping sketches. I prefer blank paper with free spaces than a notebook with pre-drawn lines. I can do my writings more liberally.
  2. I hardly do my drawing from life. When I’m outside for a stroll in the park, I often use my time talking to people and photographing, than to draw them. Nonetheless, I have adopt my best drawing practices with the reference from photograph. That is why I did it again this time, with grid system portrait drawing.

Below showing a small piece drawing of portrait’s eyes from photo. For a portion of the eyes, it has taken me 3 hours to finish.

With a closer look, very light pencil grid lines are still visible at the paler region.  While the rest of grid lines has been blended into the shading. Grid lines help to provide a precised execution on every courses from square-to-square.

I wouldn’t say it is as perfect as the photograph. However, as a hand-drawn artwork, there are more or less some offset. Otherwise, any viewers will be perceiving as a poster print, instead.

Some comments were given from friends, after posted in my Facebook photos.

Photo Portrait, Grid System, Drawing the eyes
Photo Portrait, Grid System, Drawing the eyes

gorgeous !!! … but the eyes seem to look sadder than the original XD …..

… ^_^ … it’s beautiful ! I really wanna draw so many things but i dont have anything feeling in art 😛 beautiful!!! 🙂

i like the drawing than to the original one.i mean the picture. it is bcoz it shows more emotions..it only means that the person draw this wants to express his emotions…hey!!thats my own opinion….peace…

hey i dont want to be critical but i love d eyes(in d drawing)!!!!!!!

the mystery that is captured beneath that look is astonishing

P.S.: Subject has remained anonymous in this post.