Generic Packing List for Outdoor Portrait Photography

Below listed a packing list for dSLR camera, shooting outdoor portrait. There are generic and necessary to make any novice photographer well-equipped.

  1. Two camera bodies (at least one for backup)
  2. One of each for wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and one favorite prime lens.
  3. Two on-camera flashes (at least one for backup)
  4. Memory flash cards
  5. Lens and body cleaning kit.
  6. Five camera’s batteries; 1 set for the body, 2 sets in camera’s battery grip, and last 2 sets as back up. Additional batteries for flash lights.
  7. Tripod
  8. Lens filters
  9. Dust blower
  10. Rain coat for camera
  11. Ground sheet, in case you need to kneel down for low angle portrait. Otherwise,
  12. Right angle view finder would also be a good substitute for item #12.