Ilona Shevchishina, Model and Photographer, Ukraine

It’s a great pleasure if one chances to meet Ilona Shevchishina, who is admirably a beautiful girl from Kyivshchyna, an oblast (province) in central Ukraine.

Not just having her angelic look with a pair of dazzling fresh eyes, more astoundingly, she is a model and photographer listed in website of Model Mayhem since 2010.

Ilona Shevchishina, Self-Portrait

Everyone agrees Ukraine girls are beautiful.

They like dressing themselves up with fashionable outfits. They have original tastes on reflection toward trendy clothes.

As a modelling artist herself, she is more than a typical Ukraine girl. I would say her photography attributes do exhibit her strong personality and talents.

In particularly, characterized as being unique, experimental, feminine and bold.

Portfolios ranging mostly from full figurative to half-portrait photography, including her self-portrait.

Apart from the conventional great shots, more distinctive aspect of her work involves nude photography.

Indeed, her nude photography is an unique artistic trait she possessed.

Daring and yet audaciously tempting that often create a sense of feminine mystique, and with an air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring.

However, I noticed that her work hasn’t categorized with any theme.

Perhaps, all the years of her awesome photography shots may compile as a general theme of “Feminine” or maybe “Glamor”.

I have written my blog post seriously, since I’m not an artist or a model.

Similarly, a photographer gets serious while his model pose in a relax mood. Do you follow and agree with me?

But as a modelling artist, like Ilona Shevchishina, becoming a photographer might be a brave experimental endeavor she desires to pursue with greater perfection.

Just like the quote from Oscar Wide,

Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.

Keep calm and carry on.

Essentially, Ilona Shevchishina deserves her outstanding recognition and all the given opportunities as an emerging professional.

Below sharing some of her mind-blowing and breathtaking shots.

Nude shots included.

Ilona Shevchishina, A model and photographer

Ilona Shevchishina, A model and photographer

Ilona Shevchishina, A model and photographer

Ilona Shevchishina, A model and photographer

Ilona Shevchishina, A model and photographer

More of her works can be found in Ilona Shevchishina’s Website.

I’m proud to say she is now in my Facebook friend’s list.  What a phenomenon (!).

You see, I’m from the eastward Orient and our distant are more than 7,000 km apart. I don’t add junks in my list, basically.

Photos Courtesy of Ilona Shevchishina.