Joanna Kustra, Fashion Photographer in Portrait Shots

Self-taught photographer, born in Poland and London based, Joanna Kustra, could possibly be the most sought-after fashion professional in portrait shots.

In particularly, for editorial magazines, modeling agencies or even fashion journalists. Joanna Kustra Portrait Photography

Joanna Kustra got talent! Overwhelmingly surprises most trend setters in photography artwork.

She specializes in digital shootings for beauty, fashion, portrait and kids. Also known for her perfectionism and delicate photography work.

In the profile page of her photography website, she poses gently with her serene-look.

Nice one. Really! It’s like one whom you dream to hangout with.

For all one know, it’s probably not the kind of interest she likens at this moment.

Time to achieve greater betterment is by far more crucial for her kind of inspired artwork.

Her exquisiteness in photography art, constantly craves for the aesthetic elements, is much inclined to early childhood days of fascinating with music playing the piano and oboe.

At age of 22, she bought her first camera and started to learn about photography. Diligently learning by herself, through process of testing and experimenting.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius

Within short period of few years, her passion quickly turned out to be a professional photographer.

I truly admire her strong determination as a self-taught photographer.

And all these deeply attribute to her high expectation and seriousness in vast depth; pushing boundaries beyond her limits of creativity and uniqueness.

Indeed, deserving for her in the past years to received several photography awards in beauty, fashion, and portrait category.

From the interview by SLR Lounge, among many of her great themes, “Paintings” is mentioned as her most proud of at the moment.

Showcasing artwork of portrait photographs, much alike to Regency fashion from Georgian Era.

Apart from enlivening the historical subject in a modernized attractions, her other key factor, technically, is making use of light to manipulate and render to her desired settings.

‘Use of light’ in the realm of visual art is closely relatable to the renowned Impressionist painter, Claude Monet.

Albeit, not on portrait paintings or outdoors landscape , Joanna Kustra seemingly apply the technique; stressing the use of light in digital photography to produced subtle results.

Would she be the impressionist photographer for fashion in the 21st century trend?

Perhaps, perhaps, ‘vogue‘ might be a modish word to detail her artistic style.

And, that’s is where contemporary and realism art exist in reality.

Below sharing some of the exclusive shots from her recent works: “Colors”, “Perfect Day”, “Misty Dream” and “Faces”.

Joanna Kustra Photography

Joanna Kustra Photography

Joanna Kustra Photography

Joanna Kustra Photography

Joanna Kustra Photography

Joanna Kustra Photography

View more of exquisite portrait shots in her website,  Joanna Kustra Photography

Joanna Kustra, born in south-eastern Poland in February, 1984. A self-taught photographer, from the very beginning fascinated with people, portraits and fashion photography. Now lives and works both in London & Krakow. 

Her latest work was featured in FaceON Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine and Vatra Magazine.

All Photos Courtesy of Joanna Kustra.