Portrait Caricature Drawings and Paintings

Portrait caricature refers to a figurative drawing with an exaggerated facial expression. Beside drawings, artists also include paintings for photo caricature. Some using free hand to complete a drawing within minutes, while others with an aid of software.

Caricature are different from the portrait painting where every features on the face look exactly on the real person. Caricature emphasize on the specific feature, such as a broad nose, dimples, freckles, high cheek-bone or big round eyes. This features are intentionally exaggerated to boost the uniqueness of the subject. There are also drawn in a distorted manner, such that the overview of the portrait still depict it’s likeness and recognizable to the real person.

Another characteristic of caricature portrait is to be amusing, thus, there are drawn in a comical appearance. Like the form of satire and comical art. It help to reduce the sense of seriousness, yet able to carry the message to viewers literally.

I have recently visited a Chinese Art exhibition. One of the booth was portrait caricature by Chinese ink and water. Surprisingly, painted within 5 minutes on the spot. Below is the photo shots of their poster ads to share with you. What do you think of the caricature drawing from this Chinese artist?

Portrait Caricature by Chinese ink and water
Portrait Caricature by Chinese ink and water