Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber Donations Goes to Arts Organization

Just middle of last year, one of the Pablo Picasso’s portrait paintings fetched nearly $52 million with commission at a Christie’s auction. That portrait painting is none other than the aesthetically fine painting, entitled “Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto“, signed and dated in 1903. As mentioned by Christie’s, all the proceeds will benefit to The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

Recently, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has decided to pledged the proceeds of auctioned amount to arts organization in United Kingdom. How honorable this donation can be, as the intention is to make “a significant contribution to many people’s lives”.

“Previously we have concentrated on fine art and arts education, but we have decided to help a broader scope of people and projects directly with the funds invested from the Picasso sale,” said Mark Wordsworth, the foundation’s chair of trustees.

Every man’s work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself ~  Samuel Butler (December 08, 1835 – June 18, 1902)

Indeed, what else can be more reputable to his undeniably generous contribution of monetary assets, than owning a valuable portrait painting, “Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto“, framed and hang on the blank wall?

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber