The Desperate Man, Johnny Depp vs. Gustave Courbet

Interestingly, one of Gustave Courbet’s famous self-portraits has distinctively look like Johnny Depp’s portrait.

I’m referring none other than “The Desperate Man” painted during 1843–1845.

Gustave Courbet started to base this paintings on observed reality. Especially, in his early 1840’s artwork. Among many of his paintings are his several self-portraits.

The Desperate Man, Gustave Courbet

I couldn’t agree more with this fact, in particularly, Gustave Courbet as the leading proponent of Realism paintings.

In realism, ‘observed reality’ literally means, capturing and depicting the world as it actually is. Or in other words, as detailed as possible.

Let’s not rule out visual photography and literature work.

So the questions is:-

  1. Has Johnny Depp idolized to resemble the paintings of “The Desperate Man“, who is Gustave Courbet himself? Or,
  2. Has the painting artist gone to the extent of visually portraying himself to be Johnny Depp, whom the celebrity artist has not even lived or barely heard of during 19th Century?

The universal fact is Johnny Depp is obviously not Gustave Courbet, albeit having look-alike features, hairstyle, moustache, etc.

In my personal thought, the latter question could still be a possibility when it comes to the creative mind of visual artists.

For example, the idea of hovering aircraft wouldn’t be materialized as modern transportation, if the Italian Renaissance painter, Leonardo da Vinci, had not conceptualized a helicopter in 15th Century.

No surprise for agents seeking Mona Lisa look-alike. She could be your daughter, your lady, a cousin, a co-worker or even your next door neighbor.

You may say what has just mentioned is of different context.

Yet, it could be coincidental. What would be your opinions on their facial closeness base on the paintings?

Whatever the answer maybe, there seems to have one similarity between Gustave Courbet and Johnny Depp.

Both having absolute talent of becoming different acting role. Be it in cinematic movie industry or in the grand theater of Victorian drama.

Below sharing a title-list of self-portrait artwork.

Gustave Courbet’s got talent, not for movies, but in portrait paintings of himself on different acting roles.

  1. Self-Portrait of in early 1840s,
  2. Lovers in the Countryside (1844)
  3. The Sculptor (1845)
  4. The Cellist, Self-Portrait (1847)
  5. The Wounded Man (1844–1854)
  6. The Man with a Pipe (c. 1848–1849
  7. The Desperate Man Johnny Depp
The Desperate Man, Gustave Courbet, Johnny Depp
The Desperate Man, Gustave Courbet, Johnny Depp