This Blog Has So Much to Work On

Ideas of photography, portrait, and painting are, sometimes, easier to generate than sitting quietly in front of the desk and start writing freely.

Very often, all the ideas are waiting to put into action, that is, to write and share about photography, portrait, and painting.

This blog has so much to work on. It has to start somewhere. Pardon me for today’s post shall be short.

The only word I could use to describe the ‘looseness’ my blog is disorganize, not chaotic. I need to revisit those categories and tags I have been creating since started.

Just like my other art blog. Some are redundant and irrelevant.  Many are essentially belong to the purpose of my blogging.

Below sharing a screenshot of macro photography of orchids flower taken at Taiwan International Orchid Show 2012. I posted them in my Facebook.

Taiwan International Orchid show 2012
Taiwan International Orchid show 2012