What Makes a Good Portrait Photograph

Photographs of people often elicit a greater response from the viewer than any other kind of subject. A good portrait photograph does not just show to u the appearance of the subject. It should also be a visual biography, capturing a sitter’s character and revealing their unique personality.

Photographing People

A portrait can be a photograph taken without the subject’s knowledge, or it may be a more formal affair where the photographer has been commissioned to follow a specific assignment, usually done in a proper photographic studio. As with all areas of photography, there are technical decisions to be made. Different types of camera and lens are needed for different conditions; light must be arranged to achieve specific effects; and the camera viewpoint has to be positioned to suit the subject’s face, or to enhance some aspect of the setting.

What Makes a Good Portrait?

Portraits are not limited to posed shots of immobile subjects, capturing moving subjects on film with flash can make lively, expressive portraits, and giving subjects as activity can have unexpected results. The latter approach works well with children, who become bored quickly. Do not underestimate the importance of background and setting in your portraits. Photographing people outdoors or in their own environments can add a dimension otherwise missing from a portrait in a studio setting.

Drawing Out a Subject

Another important aspect of portrait work is overcoming a subject’s natural apprehension of the camera and lights. Try to put your model at ease by having all the camera equipment and lights set up well in advance of the photo session. This will leave you free to get to know and reassure the model before you start to take any photographs. Talking may help the sitter relax and allow you to achieve the desired result – a revealing, natural-looking portrait. The best photographs move beyond this to capture expressions that give an insight into a person’s character and mood, resulting in wonderful and exciting portraits.

The Coolest Point-and-Shoot Camera

With modern technology advancing so quickly, professional photography with SLR camera has new design that packed with unique features and capabilities. Comparison with compact digital camera, price-wise is definitely much affordable, lighter and easier to use. However, feature-wise, such as interchangeability of focus lens, SLR is a better choice. For any novice in photography, it is much more practical and convenience for one to carry a small digital camera than those bulky SLR. Especially for frequent travelers who wants to capture portraits of family or friends. Photographing with natural expression is still the key point for a good portrait photograph.